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There are many tutorials floating around, you can find some on the forums here. Always use one for the version you are using and use only disk utility methods. Just remember to replace the kernel.
Legally the only way is the App Store. The latest can always be found on the App Store. How you get previous versions is up to you.
Use the latest version of Enoch which is a branch of the Chameleon bootloader. Always boot using the "-v" flag so you can see whats happening and find out if anything isn't working.

Post Installation

Did you copy the kernel and Extra folder and kernel over after installing? If not then look here
To be honest I am not a fan of distros. They cause many, many issues due to the fact that they add generic kexts and fixes that are not needed for every system. The only way I accept the use of a distro is to allow you to create a proper installer to install an original copy of OS X.
With each OS X update the kernel and several kexts are updated as part of the system. After an update you will need to place the AMD kernel back into your system and re-patch any necessary kexts that may have been updated. For example AppleHDA or a modified graphics kext.
Since El Capitan Apple introduced a new way the USB ports are mapped. You'll find the required fixes in the tools section of the forum.


The latest and best working kernel for all systems can be found in the download section of our home page here.
For 10.6.x versions up to 10.9.x the "mach_kernel" is located in the root of the drive "/"
For 10.10.x and 10.11.x the "kernel" is located in "/System/Library/Kernels".