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HighSierraAMD Official

HighSierraAMD Official Image for Windows

Note: This is only compatible with CPUs that have the SSE4.1 / 4.2 Instructions for now.

8GB+ USB required.

To use this all you need to do is get your hands on a copy of TransMac and format your USB with the disk image. To do that just follow this,

In the right-side panel of TransMac, right click on your USB Drive >> Format Disk >> Format with Disk Image

There's a TransMac tutorial here.

Note: The Clover used is as Generic as I could get for all systems. It may seem like it's stuck on a solid underscore in the top corner but it's not. Just wait a bit. If you've got USB Issues when booting as soon as you see the line of ++++ and then verbose output scrolling on the screen swap the installer to another USB port.

Boot to the USB Drive you've restored HighSierraAMD onto. From the Clover menu you can move to options and select a config file from the config menu to best fit your system.

To install, boot to the USB installer which is the 10.13.3 base and format the drive you wish to install onto. Now start installing. This part of the instalation doesn't take too long.

Once that's done it'll automatically reboot. Now you need to boot back into the installer. Once there open up Terminal and run preinstall and enter the name of the drive you formatted earlier.

Once that is done reboot still using the USB Bootloader and boot to the installed drive. This will continue the instalation process.

When that has completed it'll reboot again. You need to enter the USB Installer one last time. This time open up Terminal and run amd and enter the name of the drive again.

Once that's done if you have a Nvidia GPU that requires the Web Drivers you can run nvweb in Terminal to install the Web Drivers.

Once that's done using the bootloader on the USB you can now boot to the first run wizard of macOS on the drive. Once you've got that all setup you can install Clover or Enoch to the drive to boot without the USB. You can find the kexts and configs used by the installer by mounting the EFI partition of the USB. To do this run diskutil list in Terminal and find the USB. For example it's identifier is disk3. Now run diskutil mount disk3s1 to mount the EFI. You'll now see it in Finder and can access the Clover files.

Install Notes: You may need to hot swap the USB to boot the installer. To do this simply start booting with the installer in a USB 2.0 port and when the USB messages start appearing on the screen swap the installer over to a USB 3.0 port. This is what I had to do and the installer booted up. Also if the installer appears to freeze just reboot and start again but this time while it's installing keep the mouse moving to keep it alive.

Any issues please make a support topic in the correct forum.

version 3.0.0